Free registration on the Seniorcentrum platform. What's more! Your first order is commission-free.

Seniorcentrum - A platform where older people and their relatives order your services directly from you.

Get bookings near you, tailored to your schedule.

Why should you use the Seniorcentrum platform?

You can reach customers (e.g. relatives of elderly people living abroad) who would otherwise be difficult to reach.

You can choose what service you want, for how much and which location you want to provide service.

You can serve your clients next to your job in your free time, with a flexible schedule.

Your administrative burden is minimal.

Easily receive payment for your service on our platform.

We’ll handle the complaints for you. You just need to focus on your work.

Answers to your questions

Can anyone register?

You will be paid on the platform, so now only professionals who perform the service as a contractor, employee, company representative or household worker will be visible on the website.

So anyone can register on the site, but your service will only be visible to the elderly relatives if you register in our financial system.

How much does it cost?

The platform is completely free to use until your service gets ordered. Once the order is placed, we deduct a commission of 20% per service. For the price of the commission:

  • no or reduced advertising costs,
  • no fee for your brokerage services,
  • discover new clients to occupy time slots that are typically more challenging to fill in your schedule,
  • reach older people with relatives living all over the world, so they can afford greater financial flexibility.

The process


Sign up on the site


My services are ordered


The platform is booking my service fee


Completion happens


I get my money through the system

What will happen if I register NOW?

You get new customers.

You’ll make a steady income.

You will be visible to relatives of the elderly at home and abroad with a selection of promotional tools.

We’ll handle the complaints for you.

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