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Seniorcentrum csapat

Are you looking for an elderly care provider for a relative, and keep running into problems?


Endless time spent searching

Hours and weeks are lost searching for the right professional. You browse the internet, trying to find information in Facebook groups. It would be ideal to find someone through a friend, but it’s risky whether it will succeed.

You can’t do it remotely

You live far away from your loved ones, making it difficult for you to handle personal matters in person. It would be great to find someone with whom you can primarily maintain contact online and handle payments. Seniorcentrum is here to help you connect and manage your financial transactions conveniently.

How will you find

a reliable professional?

How can you be sure that the professional you invite into your parents’ home is reliable? It’s important to at least have some feedback from others, so you know what to expect. At Seniorcentrum, we understand the importance of trust and provide a platform where you can find reliable caregivers for your loved ones.

What’s the worst that can happen when you’re looking for a service provider?


Although a lot of time has been spent looking, you haven’t found anyone who can help your relative at home with nursing, care, moving or even just chipping in for a few hours.


You don’t know what your options are in terms of eldercare and there is no professional you can contact online. Even if you have some knowledge of the social system, it’s completely impossible to deal with such matters remotely.


You are completely at a loss as to where to get a reference for the service provider who should be allowed into the apartment where your mother or father lives. It’s hard to live with the feeling of a stranger walking around among familiar objects.

The ideal solution would be…

  • You would find all your service providers in one place.
  • You could order, contact and pay remotely online.
  • You would have a detailed job description and a photo when choosing a service provider.
  • You would be able to get information about your chosen service provider based on user community reviews.
Rólunk mondták

At Seniorcentrum you’ll find all this

As professionals, we know the difficulties that relatives face when it comes to elderly care. That’s why we created the Seniorcentrum platform, where you can find everything your elderly relative needs to make their time at home as comfortable as possible, all in one place.

On the platform, you can search for a professional by detailed filtering, such as activity, time, duration and where the service is provided.


They said about us…

Senior nő gondozóval

I have recently become a member of the site, which provides an easy, safe, and efficient eldercare service for all your needs. It worked for me. As an informal worker, I can offer my services on a platform that provides background support. As a sole trader, credibility is important to me, it has become smoother to bill clients because even relatives living far away can apply, paying by credit card, through online booking.
Aniko, nurse

Férfi unoka

We quickly and reliably found a caregiver through the Seniorcentrum platform who was not only professional but also very humane and made friends with our elderly grandmother right away. The online credit card payment was secure and easy. I would heartily recommend it to others looking for elderly care in any form. Thank you for your help!
Tamás, relative

Idős férfi gondozás

I heartily recommend the Seniorcentrum eldercare platform to everyone. A kind and conscientious team helped me to find a job and my salary arrived in my Barion wallet in good order. I am very satisfied and look forward to working with you again!
Etelka, carer

What are the benefits of using the Seniorcentrum platform?

🤍 You save a lot of time

You save a lot of time by having all the service providers your elderly relative might need in one place.

🤍 Do you have information about the professional

On the platform, you will find detailed general and professional profiles and photos of each professional, so you can decide who you like the most. Feedback and ratings from the platform’s community will be available soon.

🤍 Get things done quickly and efficiently

We make ordering, contacting and paying online quick and easy. We also handle any complaints with you online. So even if you live far away from your relative, you can manage your care efficiently.

🤍 You can be sure the situation will be resolved

We employ several professionals with social work experience. We have a dedicated team of professionals who can advise you and have a strong track record in elderly issues. So you and your loved ones are in safe hands.

🤍 You hire a service provider within a legal, legitimate framework

All our professionals provide their services legally. Carers often find it difficult to do this, but with the help of the customer, it is possible and can be done with just a few clicks or phone calls. You can read more about this below.

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